RIP Skowler
2013/07/28 It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that due to Microsoft killing the Skype API in favor of a far inferior URI scheme, as of now Skowler will start to degrade in performance until it will eventually stop working altogether.

"the Desktop API will cease to function correctly from September 2013 and we have made the decision to de-commission it."
"chat functionality through the API will stop working and we will begin notifying users with messaging in Skype for Desktop" 

Please add your name to this petition to help all of the Skype add-ons that this decision effects:

Skowler is a Skype to Growl for Windows bridge that enables Skype notifications on Growl.
Skowler works on all windows versions XP,Vista,W7 32 and 64 bit.
Please see the Bug Tracker for any known issues with this build.


  • Growl alert on missed chats. Alert has full text of chat.
  • Growl alert on all buddy sign ons or on a per buddy basis. (Configurable)
  • Growl alert on incoming call.
  • Use Skype buddy avatars for Growl alerts.
  • Skype Hot Keys for Answer and Hang Up/Reject (only active during call)
  • Skype Hot Keys for quick dial - up to 3 pre-configured user.
  • Announce incoming caller names.

Future planned features:

  • Application monitor to enable special gaming features when a game is running like:
    • Put Skype to sleep and only use Skowler hot keys so your game doesn't tab out to desktop when calling etc.
    • Read out incoming chats.
    • Enable auto responder, "I am in game, back soon" etc.
  • Record Skype calls.
  • Stalker option to make certain user logon notifications sticky always.
  • Full Skype notification takeover for all notifications eg File downloads, reminders etc
  • Add group management functionality
  • Additional Windows utilities and hot key functions.